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FilterLock: Furnace Filter Slot Seal


FilterLock: Furnace Filter Slot Seal


FilterLock® is a patented two-piece system designed for use with 1-inch air filters that eliminates air leakage at the filter slot/door to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce energy consumption. Energy Star lists air leakage at the filter slot as one of four major issues with duct work in the home.  

If not properly sealed, harmful airborne contaminants can enter the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system through the filter slot/door and bypass the air filter. FilterLock® installs in seconds with no tools to eliminate unfiltered air from entering the system through the filter slot/door.  Since dirty air that leaks into the HVAC has to be conditioned, FilterLock® can also reduce energy consumption.  Built-in magnet fasteners hold FilterLock® securely in place, and it is re-usable indefinitely.

  • Saves energy and reduces energy bills
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Blocks allergens and other contaminants, including deadly gases like carbon monoxide and radon from entering the HVAC system at the air filter slot.
  • Universal one size fits all
  • Reusable, easy on / easy off design
  • Magnetically attaches to the duct work
  • Two-piece design works with any 1” filter up to 25” long

AllergyZone offers a discount to wholesale customers purchasing FilterLock® in bulk. Discount is only available for FilterLock® 12-Packs. See FilterLock® 12-Packs product description for more information.

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