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1" Furnace Air Filter (4-pack)


1" Furnace Air Filter (4-pack)


The 4 pack of AllergyZone FQT12 (MERV 12 equivalent) Air Filters are available in 1-inch thickness and in a wide variety of sizes to fit most popular size/brand HVAC systems and air cleaner cabinets.  If you want to improve your home’s air quality, then look no further than the AllergyZone FQT 12 Air Filter, which captures up to 95% of airborne allergens and particulate.

In a clinical study supported in part by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the incidence of asthma related symptoms (coughing and wheezing) was reduced when home HVAC systems were serviced followed by the installation of a 1-inch AllergyZone Air Filter.  Another real world study confirmed the capture of animal, pollen and mold allergens in residential HVAC systems using a 1-inch AllergyZone Air Filter.

AllergyZone’s FQT12 Air Filter is a highly efficient pleated air filter that turns home HVAC systems into whole a whole house air cleaner for just pennies a day. Developed by Dr. James L. Sublett, the FQT12 Air Filter has a Filter Quality Triangle rating of 12, indicating superior performance in three areas crucial for healthy air quality - Efficiency, Air Flow, and Holding Capacity. No other filter matches the overall performance of the AllergyZone FQT12 Air Filter.  Superior performance is achieved through quality construction and the use of technologically advanced materials.

  • The heavy-duty frame features a double thickness on all four sides assuring adequate support during use to minimize dirty air leakage around the filter frame.
  • Electrostatically enhanced filtration media with an exclusive blend of fine fibers to provide high particulate capture.
  • Designed and recommended by leading allergy & asthma physicians for symptom relief.
  • Proven effective in clinical trials.
  • Converts your home's heating and air-conditioning system into a whole house air cleaner
  • Recommended filter change interval is 90 days (this is a general “rule of thumb”, you may need to change your air filter more or less frequently).

1-inch Furnace Filters 4 Packs are available in the following sizes:

  • 14x25x1
  • 16x20x1
  • 16x25x1
  • 20x20x1
  • 20x25x1
  • 20x30x1 

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