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Can I really turn my home furnace and air conditioner into a whole-house air cleaner?
Yes. Inexpensive air filters made from blue fiberglass or coated hogs' hair only serve to keep large dust balls from clogging up the mechanical works of the HVAC system, and to lower fire risks. They are not designed to prevent mold, pollen, dust mite particles or pet and human dander flakes from collecting in the ducts and circulating through the system into the air in your home.

Recent advances in filtration media technology allow high efficiency disposable filters (like the AllergyZone Furnace Filter) to be used in these systems. High efficiency disposable filters protect equipment better, and turn the system into a whole house air filter.

Buying an AllergyZone Furnace Filter, installing it into your HVAC system, and setting your thermostat FAN to ON, will keep the air continuously circulating, removing harmful particulates from your entire home. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of breathing AllergyZone.

Why should I change my filter every 3 months?
There are three finely balanced attributes associated with every air filter:

  • Efficiency of the filter to remove small particles
  • Good air flow to maintain a good air exchange rate
  • The Holding Capacity of the filter or how much dirt and particulates the filter will hold before cutting off good air flow.

AllergyZone calls these three attributes, the FILTER QUALITY TRIANGLE™. AllergyZone Furnace Filter excels at balancing the FILTER QUALITY TRIANGLE™. In most homes, a three month change interval is optimal to allow the filter to work at its best performance.

Our Subscription Service is designed to take the hassle out of remembering to replace your filter. 

Where can I buy the AllergyZone Furnace Filter?
You can buy AllergyZone Furnace Filters directly from this web site.

Why AllergyZone filters instead of some other, cheaper brand?
The simple answer is that AllergyZone filters are the best quality disposable residential air filters on the market. Unlike cheaper brands, AllergyZone filters can have a significant impact on the air quality in your home, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms and enabling your entire family to breath easier.

In independent laboratory testing, AllergyZone filters earned the highest efficiency rating of any 1" disposable air filter available for residential system use, a MERV 12 rating. In durability tests conducted by an independent laboratory, AllergyZone filters withstood over 60% greater particulate load than the leading competitor offering MERV 12 filters.

Which are healthier, disposable or washable "permanent" filters?
No one would seriously consider washing and reusing an automotive oil filter. Washing a furnace filter is a similarly impractical solution.

Washing filters is an unpleasant task, discouraging regular cleaning. Washable filters must be removed, washed, dried and reinstalled. Even then, they almost are never fully cleaned or dried before being reinstalled. Damp filters can allow the growth of molds such as aspergillus or penicillium, effectively making them even less healthy than they were when originally installed. Also, the efficiency ratings of most permanent filters are in the 6 to 8 range-significantly lower than the MERV 12 rating obtained by the AllergyZone Furnace Filter.

For much less than the price of washable filters, AllergyZone disposable filters can be delivered to your door every three months by our Home Delivery Service.

Are HEPA room air cleaners more effective than disposable filters on the furnace?
HEPA air cleaners are highly efficient for removing particles from the air, but are only effective in the room where they are placed. If the door to the room is closed, the air quality in that room may have less particulates, but the air circulation in the room (and even the entire home) can be compromised, leading to overall poorer air quality.

By using the high efficiency AllergyZone Furnace Filter, you can transform your heating and air conditioning system into a whole-house air cleaner, improving both the air quality and air circulation in your home.

Buy an AllergyZone Furnace Filter, install it into your furnace and/or air conditioner. Set your thermostat FAN to ON, so the air is continuously circulating. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of breathing AllergyZone Clean Air. Then, if a HEPA air cleaner is still used in the bedroom or other living area, it will be even more effective by further cleaning the already filtered air.

Do ozone-generating room air cleaners and "ionizers" improve air quality?
Ozone, a molecule with three atoms of oxygen, is categorized as a pollutant/toxic substance by the Environmental Protection Agency. Low concentrations of ozone can create a harmless clean air smell that may mask other odors. Even though the smell is improved, ozone has NO air filtration effects. Greater concentrations are associated with headaches, throat and nasal dryness, bronchitis, decreased pulmonary function capacity and other ailments.

The EPA has found in their testing that neither Ionizers nor Ozone "Clean Air" Machines offer reliable or safe means for improving indoor air quality. The EPA and other experts in improving indoor air quality recommend the use of a high efficiency pleated media air filter like the AllergyZone Furnace Filter.

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