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Humidity Meter


Humidity Meter


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Know your environment and keep it healthy with the AllergyZone HTC-1 Humidity Meter. One of the major causes of poor indoor air quality in the home is too much moisture. Allergens such as mold, fungus, and dust mites can thrive in environments where humidity levels exceed 50%.

AllergyZone's portable humidity meter makes it easy to monitor the humidity in any room in your home. Maintain a healthy humidity level of less than 50% to minimize allergens needing moisture to live. Your home's air-conditioning system and/or a portable dehumidifier is an effective way to control humidity. The HTC-1 Multifunction LCD Humidity Meter displays humidity level, temperature, time, and includes an alarm function.

  • Displays humidity, temperature and time simultaneously
  • Includes memory setting for minimum and maximum measuring values
  • 12-hour or 24-hour digital clock display with alarm function
  • Humidity meter has built-in stand for shelf display, or it can be wall mounted
  • Measures temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

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